Four Cool Apps Only Available on iMac You Should Know About

I am a dyed in the wool Windows Seven user. However, it has been my experience that in many ways, Apple and its’ iMac user interface and the many apps that are available are superior to many Microsoft products. I am going to review some of the apps in this article for people that use iMac for their technology needs.

Monolingual: With this app, and because most computers and other devices have the ability to be multi-lingual and therefore hog space, this app will free up memory and speed up the computer because these languages will no longer be available. Monolingual is free from the app store and will automatically update itself. All you need do is download it and start removing languages that you won’t use.

When you have a project due and space is being wasted and squandered by useless programs, like a language bank, an app like Monolingual will clear up space and ultimately save time. The requirements of this app are an Intel based make and an operating system of Sierra only available from Apple.

Cinch: One of the most annoying aspects of Windows is not having the ability to split the screen, so if you are into doing more than one task at a time, Cinch is the way to acquire this ability. A pro version of this app is available from Vimeo for seven dollars. My ex-wife uses a Mac for her work because the graphics are superior to Windows and I know between the text and photos, this program speeds up her ability to complete the work and meet deadlines.

The requirements of this app are like Monolingual, an Intel based Mac and OS X 10.6.6.

Adium: Between my wife and me, we have three email addresses and I also use Skype for business. Unfortunately, there is no app for Windows that will combine all three email addresses and Skype. For iMac only, Adium is an app that combines email and chat interfaces so you could be conducting business with Skype and at the same time communicate with your friends and family. Adium is supported by the older versions of Mac OS 10.2 all the way up to OS 10.7.5. Please note that Adium will not work with Face Chat.

F.Lux: Because I am online all day working, my eyes tire easily and for iMac only they have addressed the issue of tired eyes. The really cool thing about this app is that once you have put in your zip code, the computers’ back ground lighting will adjust based on the time of day it is. The system requirements to use F.Lux are a sixty-four bit Intel processor and OS X version 10.7 or later.

With all of these apps, even though your system may have all the required software needed to run them, some of the apps may very well prove to have compatibility issues. Some of the newer apps can actually interfere with other apps you may have and are using. Some times the free apps are loaded with ads, so if the costs for an app without the ads are not prohibitive, I would recommend paying a little more for them.