Hacks To Improve Your Internet Life

We all know the world of hacking through some means or the others. More than the positive you might have read or heard about in a negative or notorious light, for example, hacking into the Sony’s database by North Koreans upon the release of the movie he Interview’ or hackers hacking into Japan’s cryptocurrency through ot wallet’ and so on.

You must have also seen countless movies where some nerd or geek character leading a messy yet genius life and helps the protagonist to hack the government system and helping him illegally and miraculously never gets caught. That is unfortunately not true. This generation has seen the rise of some of the most amazing hackers who tried to do good but the government managed to shut them down. These hackers are also known as internet activists.
Some of the famous hackers are:

Aaron Swartz – one of the most famous and respected hackers of our generation. A prodigal coder who is known for developing RSS and early pages of Reddit was also an internet activist. He was arrested for downloading the files from JOSTER, saved in the secure computer of MIT to make them available in his open library to help people access for free. After the arrest, he committed suicide enraging the masses.

Julius Assange – A political activist who aided the whistleblowers and hacked into the most secure systems on the plant like Pentagon, NASA etc to leak some of the important files that have been kept hidden from the public eye.
Steve Wozniak – Co-founder of Apple alongside Steve Jobs. Before starting apple he was a hacker who made the free long distance calls possible by creating a device called Blue Box.

Just like them, there are many “good” hacks which you can use. For that, you don’t need to be a world class coder. Here are some simple hacks you can practice:

1.Google Chrome as Notepad – If you are one of those busy people who need to either make notes or do a fast research and collecting points and simply switching from the chrome tab to the notepad file is a hassle.

Well with one simple URL on the address bar you can turn your chrome into notepad. Saving them precious seconds.

2.Viewing Password – You might have noticed that the password is in a star or dot form in the sites. Guess what? You can now view that password by opening the source code of the site and change the type of form field from password to text.

3.Safe Browsing – For that, you can either switch from normal window to Incognito windows which you can open through the settings. Or you can protect your browser from the malicious sites by changing the settings of browsing by using this URL in the address bar.


4.Downloading Free Mp3 – Google has many direct downloading links which you can search for your favorite music without having to pay a single cent.

5.Soft Blocking – twitter has the setting of soft blocking where you can mute people’s account without offending them and providing you the account free of the messages of that person.