How has Apple Fared post Steve Jobs?

After the passing of the legend Mr. Steve Jobs, everyone thought that might be the end of the Apple Inc. But it is almost five years and the company still holds its glamour and fame. Here is a quick over view on how Apple is performing after the Steve Jobs.

There is no way of denial that Mr. Jobs has created a benchmark and took the company to an incredible height in the world. Without Jobs, the Apple couldn’t get the fame it has now. Here, at a glance, we’ll differentiate the diverse products launched under two leaders of Apple from two different eras, Mr. Jobs and Mr. Tim Cook.

The Jobs Era:

In the guidance of Mr. Jobs, the first computer with a mouse and graphical interface named ‘Mackintosh’ was launched. Before that, the launch of Apple II was also successful.

Then, the time was for iMac. iMac proved that the computer need not to be in a big box. Also, the world get introduced with revolutionary iPod, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, iPod and the all time best iPhone which is enough to dumbstruck the humanity with its year’s ahead of technologies. All of these came holding the hands of Steve Jobs.

Steve jobs always think years ahead of the time and thus, Apple was capable of making the devices and innovative electronics that the rest of the world can’t even imagine. From the releases mentioned above, Apple launched its first laptop when the world is yet to experience the PC properly. Likewise, Apple launched its first iPhone when most of the people are yet to hold a mobile phone in their hands. So, the concept, the innovation, the technology of light years ahead was surely the asset of the Mr. Job’s era. The Apple fans surely miss that.

But now it’s almost 5 years gone when Apple is running on its own way without the guidance of Mr. Jobs. Mr. Tim Cook is now the sailor of the ship called Apple Inc. Here is what we got under his reign.

Tim Cook Era:

This is the first time when Apple has gone for a bigger display for its iPhone with the changed mentality of the fans. iPhone 6 launched with a 4.7” display while iPhone 6 Plus has launched with even bigger, 5.5” display. The iPads have changed its size from smaller to bigger and smaller again with times. Apple also converted its MacBook Air into Macbook in the year 2015. The Macbook Pro models have become smarter, too.

Regarding the technological changes, Apple has incorporated some very innovative technologies in their devices in iPad, iPhone etc like USB type – C, force touch display on iPhone 6s and later, pressure sensitive touch pad on Macbook, Macbook Pro 2016 and later. Also, Apple TV, Apple Watch has been launched to larger the categories even further.

These extraordinary and modern innovations have taken Apple years ahead of its competitors. But, Steve Jobs had the skill to convince people with the new innovations Apple created. This is where Apple is lacking day by day at this time. This is assumed that Apple is in safe hand with Mr. Cook but he needs to think something new and inspiring ahead from the time to compete with the market and other competitors. This is where Mr. Jobs was an advantage for Apple. At this time, as per the rumors, Apple is going to bring back the legacy of Mr. Jobs for their iPhone 8 launch. Let’s hope, Apple will break all the records, again!