What gadgets are making athletes lives easier

With the 2016 Olympics in Rio gone by, I think it’s safe to say that, watching it was definitely a certain high for you but behind their ace methodology in performance is discipline, perseverance and unbridled amount of training. Did they wake up one day and decide that they were going to be the best at what they do? Nope. Right now, you may be pumped up to be the best of your abilities, keep fit and run a healthy course of life. Here’s a few gadgets that can help you Ike they made any athletes lives easier.

1. Fitbit:

Any of the fitbit wristband products are beautifully equipped to monitor every aspect of your daily life. Even those activities that we neglect most often and can’t waste a minute to pay attention to on a daily basis. For eg, the calories you burn, the amount of sleep you take, the steps you walk, your heartbeat rate, every minute thing that will affect your performance as a human and as an athlete in the long term. Just like every drop makes an ocean, every single detail makes a better tomorrow for you This device gathers all these following informations needed to function- heart rate, your workouts, all activity and sleep control, smart track through gps assistance, work out goals and summaries. It has a multi-faceted clock face and long battery life. Keep it on when you sleep and it’ll wake you up to silent alarms. The best feature about this is that you can see your progress and alter the next activity at your will. Everything you thought you couldn’t control, is now in just on your wrist and this possible because they are synced to your smartphones. Depending on the fit and choice prices vary. However, it is available on amazon.com

2. Bodymedia:

Like Fitbit or any other wristband, bodymedia gadgets also track physical activity and sleep. However what is different about Bodymedia is that it is not latched onto your wrist but is wrapped around the arm. Along with the functions of the wristband, it has a real-time dashboard, customised workouts but also keeps track of the athlete’s food log. So now along with burning calories, you can figure out how many calories you are intaking as well and this helps to keep you in balance. Up for grabs on amazon for USD 96.99

3. ReeCharge Power Pack:

Are you a cycling enthusiast? With all that syncing of the body perspiration, heartbeat rate, body temperature, calories burnt etc on your fitbit, your smartphone must be running out on its battery. Still a long way of cycling training to go on What do you do? It is attached to the bicycle’s hub dynamo and uses that energy produced while cycling to recharge your smartphone. What’s more? Are you afraid that it is about to rain? Fret not, for this device is completely weatherproof . What more can a cyclist ask for Costs USD 140 approximately

4. Hovding:

This is by far, one of the greatest inventions in the area of sports. It is also known as a❑the invisible helmet’. Its greatest speciality is that it is neither invisible, nor is it a helmet. It is Swedish made and therefore is definitely one of the fashionable gadgets to have around as well The sensors in it detects variation in speed and angles to gauge potential accidents. In case of any accidents, before the athlete makes impact with the ground, the airbag within pops to protect, the most sensitive part of the cyclist, his head. It is said to have three times more shock absorption in comparison to other cycle helmets. Definitely up for grabs on amazon for USD 250-275

5. Finis Neptune:

So many of us are motivated by music. So are a lot of our athletes.Music is driving force, said to have an impact on our performance and delivery levels. On land, it’s easier for athletes to easily access music while performing. However, Finis Neptune can be secured onto the athletes eyewear gear, like swimming goggles. This special gadget uses bone conduction audio and relays forward the music to the athletes ear without the need to use earbuds. It makes the music louder and clearer underwater. Has 4GB storage, rechargeable batteries and access to music control buttons. This is available online as well as in stores ranging anywhere in between USD 89.99- 119.99

6. Umoro One:

Sick and Tired of carrying too many bottles for a workout session. One for water during workouts and another for a post workout protein drink. As if working out isn’t tiring enough. This is the best bottle to have for those into workouts. It functions like a normal bottle but then with just a click of a button it releases up to 1..5 scoops of your favorite energy drink mix or protein mix into the water. This works perfectly for pre, during and post workout sessions. The ball that releases the protein can be used as a mixer to mix up the drink. It is up for grabs on amazon.com for USD 26.99.