What are 5 Hyped Gadgets that flopped hard

Technology products can either flop or gain massive success. However, this depends on how the market perceives the gadget. Quite a number of factors can cause a new gadget to fail. A product’s value and unique selling point cannot be underestimated. Emerging technologies have to provide significant solutions in order to be accepted. Most products that flopped did not specify the user’s problems and how the technology would help solve them.

Some other gadgets failed because of the dangers they posed to the lives of the consumers. Product quality and consumer safety should be paramount when developing new gadgets. If a device isn’t beneficial or can cause hazards, consumers will abandon it. Regardless of numerous media mentions, a technology product can fail if it is not worth the hype. These are 5 hyped gadgets that flopped hard.


Hoverboards were pretty much hyped in 2015. Celebrities and trendy youths rocked it so much that every retail store sold it. But there were some casualties involved. It wasn’t easy to find balance on it and many users fell. It also had the potential to catch fire. The battery of several hoverboards was reported to have caught fire while charging or during usage.

2.HTC First(The Facebook Phone)

Facebook tried to make a smartphone, and it had a Facebook home interface. Apparently, people didn’t like it because Facebook Home dominated the entire user experience. It received several negative reviews, and many people weren’t impressed by it. HTC First got hyped so much and Facebook’s billion users we’re ready to give it a try, but it didn’t meet their expectations.

3.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had excellent innovative features such as a sleek design, great battery life, and a beautiful display. However, the phone’s battery began to catch fire. The Galaxy Note 7 was loved by many but flopped because of the hazards. Samsung incurred a massive loss as a result and had to halt the production and distribution of the gadget.

4.Google Glass

Google Glass was hyped so much, but it eventually flopped. The news as everyone was talking about it even before the product was released. The market was ready, and millions of people wanted to try it. But it wasn’t successful. It was an era where people doubted the success of augmented reality wearables. Google Glass also failed because it had no real solutions. It was no different from a fashion item, and people didn’t see the value.

5.Amazon Fire phone

The Fire Phone was Amazon’s biggest failure, and they lost $170 million. Amazon wanted to break into the smartphone market, but it failed at the first attempt. The Fire phone was seen as mediocre and had so many problems. The phone was an Android fork, the screen was wasn’t great, and the battery life was zero. It was basically another product to be purchased from Amazon. The Amazon Fire phone was also costly and not worth it.