The top 7 Internships available globally

If you are looking for globally available internships, then look no further; in this article, we will tell you about some of the best internships that are offered by renowned International organizations and companies.

These Internship programs are intended for master’s, Ph.D., and bachelor’s degree students. Your age does not matter and no previous experience is needed either. Furthermore, the expenses are covered and TOEFL/IELTS are not required. So without further ado, here are the 7 best International Internships worth considering.

The Top 7 Internships Available Globally

  1. Tesla Internship Program

Tesla International Internship is a fully-funded paid Internship. Tesla is known as one of the most successful business growth models. As you know, Elon Musk is the founder and owner of Tesla company. If you’re a master’s degree student, undergraduate student, or pursuing advanced education, then you are eligible.

  1. MICROSOFT Internship Program

A Microsoft Internship program is open to students in Ph.D., master’s, bachelor’, and MBA programs. As an intern, you’ll receive relocation benefits, competitive pay, and a lot of other great perks.

  1. Ford Summer Internship Program

A Ford Summer Internship Program can provide students with career-specific experience of ten to twelve weeks, which is full-time work throughout the summer break. Master’s degree students and undergraduate students are eligible for this internship program.

  1. AUDI Internship Program

Audi provides students with various internships. The audi internship duration is a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 6 months. This internship program is available for enrolled college and university students.

  1. Amazon Internship Program

Amazon teams have globally available positions for people with MBA, Ph.D., undergraduate degrees, and master’s degrees. While they have the internships throughout the whole year, the vast majority of the technical internships usually take place in summer, lasting between twelve to sixteen weeks.

  1. WFP Internship Program

The WFP Internship Program is the world’s biggest humanitarian organization under the UN. WFP internship program offers internships for graduates and undergraduates from all across the globe.

This can be an amazing opportunity for the students who would like to gain some practical work experience while working in a diverse team. You don’t have to worry about money either because World Food Internship Program covers all the expenses.

  1. UN Internship Program

This program is available in already more than 193 Countries. Since previous work experience is not required, all International applicants, regardless of their experience, can apply for the UN internship program. Another great thing about this program is that all the expenses are covered for the internship duration. Considering all these, the UN internship program is one of the best ones that are available globally.

As you can see, there are a lot of great globally available internship programs you can choose from. Now that you know your options, you should carefully consider each option before making a final decision. To make the right choice, make sure to take your needs and preferences into account. Once you do so, making a choice won’t be difficult at all.

Why is There So Much Stigma About SEO Compared to Other Marketing

Okay. Learning (and implementing SEO) isn’t a walk in the park. Even more depressing is the fact that SEO trends keep changing. In fact, tactics that worked two years ago may not give you results today. Still, for your business to thrive, you have to know a thing or two about the best SEO practices. Of course, you have to drive enough organic traffic to your website to make any meaningful gains with your marketing efforts.

But, why is optimizing sites and content so traumatizing for many businesses and brands? Well, here’s why:

It Isn’t a Magic Potion

Sure, SEO is an essential component of your marketing campaign, but if you think it’s the magic formula that’ll take your brand to the next level, you’ll be frustrated. The number one mistake that most new businesses make it is to invest heavily in SEO, only to get disappointed by the lack of results. The effect is that most don’t stick to their SEO campaign for the long haul.

The point is, there’s always the fear that you might spend a lot of time and money on SEO and fail to get the outcome you were hoping for. On the flip side, however, if you do it right, SEO is an invaluable marketing channel for your business.

Many Think “It’s Too Complicated”

Almost everyone who’s getting started with SEO thinks that it’s a technical process done by computer nerds or web developers. They feel that they don’t have what it takes to implement a successful SEO-based marketing campaign. On the contrary, however, virtually anyone can hack the elements of SEO.

If you’re a beginner, commit one or two hours every day to learn and implement SEO basics. Plus, you can always opt to hire a reputable SEO agency to help you with the technical aspects.

Google Penalties

If you’re learning the ropes of SEO, there’s every probability that Google can slap you with a penalty. Sure, there are many reasons you site can get penalized, but the risk is higher if you don’t know what you’re doing. Your safest bet is to read foolproof methods to rank on SERPS without “pissing off” Google. Again, it makes perfect sense to use an agency as long as they have a good reputation and experience.

Low Conversion Rate

Ranking your site is one thing but turning your visitors into REAL buyers is entirely different. The problem lies in poor keyword research or content that’s not persuasive enough to compel people visiting your site to take action. So, make sure that your keyword research is on point and most importantly create content that’ll give you the conversion you want.

As stated, SEO, done right, not only translates to better rankings but also better user experience. It might be a complicated process, but SEO leads have a higher close rate in comparison to outbound leads (and that’s good for business), Ensure that you consider an SEO Agency to help you get through this process. So, go out there, learn the best practices and implement them on your website. In other words, conquer SEO; don’t be stigmatized about it. And remember, it takes time to see results, being patient is a must!

What are 5 Hyped Gadgets that flopped hard

Technology products can either flop or gain massive success. However, this depends on how the market perceives the gadget. Quite a number of factors can cause a new gadget to fail. A product’s value and unique selling point cannot be underestimated. Emerging technologies have to provide significant solutions in order to be accepted. Most products that flopped did not specify the user’s problems and how the technology would help solve them.

Some other gadgets failed because of the dangers they posed to the lives of the consumers. Product quality and consumer safety should be paramount when developing new gadgets. If a device isn’t beneficial or can cause hazards, consumers will abandon it. Regardless of numerous media mentions, a technology product can fail if it is not worth the hype. These are 5 hyped gadgets that flopped hard.


Hoverboards were pretty much hyped in 2015. Celebrities and trendy youths rocked it so much that every retail store sold it. But there were some casualties involved. It wasn’t easy to find balance on it and many users fell. It also had the potential to catch fire. The battery of several hoverboards was reported to have caught fire while charging or during usage.

2.HTC First(The Facebook Phone)

Facebook tried to make a smartphone, and it had a Facebook home interface. Apparently, people didn’t like it because Facebook Home dominated the entire user experience. It received several negative reviews, and many people weren’t impressed by it. HTC First got hyped so much and Facebook’s billion users we’re ready to give it a try, but it didn’t meet their expectations.

3.Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had excellent innovative features such as a sleek design, great battery life, and a beautiful display. However, the phone’s battery began to catch fire. The Galaxy Note 7 was loved by many but flopped because of the hazards. Samsung incurred a massive loss as a result and had to halt the production and distribution of the gadget.

4.Google Glass

Google Glass was hyped so much, but it eventually flopped. The news as everyone was talking about it even before the product was released. The market was ready, and millions of people wanted to try it. But it wasn’t successful. It was an era where people doubted the success of augmented reality wearables. Google Glass also failed because it had no real solutions. It was no different from a fashion item, and people didn’t see the value.

5.Amazon Fire phone

The Fire Phone was Amazon’s biggest failure, and they lost $170 million. Amazon wanted to break into the smartphone market, but it failed at the first attempt. The Fire phone was seen as mediocre and had so many problems. The phone was an Android fork, the screen was wasn’t great, and the battery life was zero. It was basically another product to be purchased from Amazon. The Amazon Fire phone was also costly and not worth it.

Reception of Alexa and Amazon Echo

Alexa is a virtual assistant launched by Amazon and developed by an Indian innovator Rohit Prasad.

Besides the features programmed in the first version of Alexa, hundreds of other developers completed it with additional skills and made it compatible with a wide array of devices and software. As the technology behind this amazing invention continues to advance, more and more people are choosing to implement it as a part of their daily lives.

Besides general commands such as weather report and to-do lists, there are many other things you could do with Alexa. Some of them are media commands that allow you to play music and audio books, as well as convenient calling and messaging commands. These skills are still just a small part of everything Alexa is capable of doing.

The primary way to give Alexa voice commands is through a smart device called Amazon Echo. Several lines of these devices were released in the past few years, each of them having thousands of customer reviews on Amazon. Customer testimonials are mainly positive and testify on how this device simplified their daily tasks. Additionally, many people struggling with a physical disability reported that voice commands allowed them access to some things they couldn’t even imagine doing on their own before. All things considered, Alexa and Amazon Echo mainly had a positive reception, and are talked about more than any other IT innovation in the past several years.

However, like with many other IT innovations, there is another side to Alexa. As Amazon Echo devices basically have uninterrupted access to everything said in the home of its owner, this technology raised some privacy concerns. Not only does it record all personal conversations, but it is also available to recognize who is present at home at each moment. Although Amazon confronts these concerns by stating that their devices only stream recordings when a command word is uttered, they don’t deny that they can record non-stoppingly while awaiting the command.

On the bright side, you can always erase your recordings in Amazon Echo. By deleting them, your user experience might be less personalized, but you won’t have to worry about any privacy issues. Many people go for this option, while others are comforted by the fact that Amazon is transparent about who has access to their information. That are namely government agencies as well as law enforcement offices. However, Amazon doesn’t give up their information very easily, and it has refused to disclose personal information to police in the past.

Another privacy issue is related to the usage of location-based information. Alexa uses this information to develop an exceptional mapping experience as well as give the best recommendation for nearby stores or restaurants. To some people, this is a personal information breach, while others are aware that nearly any device and app they own has an access to their location. Although this may not be an appealing idea, it does provide a certain level of safety if an unwanted event ever happens to occur.

Regardless of these few privacy questions, most people don’t give too much attention to them. The main reason is that people not involved in any crime related actions, truly have nothing to be afraid of. All the information on this subject can be found on the Amazon Privacy Notice, and if you opt for Alexa and Amazon Echo, you won’t sign up on anything that is not transparently disclosed.

None of these concerns affected the reputation and reception of Alexa and Amazon Echo to any notable extent. The fact that these technologies are by far the most helpful invention for a large mass of people in the past few years is unquestionable.

What are the best premium coffee spots to frequent for avid coffee

We all become addicted to coffee over the years, and oh boy is one of the greatest
things over the world, we all know that coffee came in a lot of variety, flavor
and more even if you don’t really like it that much, you for sure will know
something about it.

However, they are some people that really love coffee, and those are the ones who become connoisseurs, and what exactly is a connoisseurs? Well, is simple words is someone who really enjoys coffee and know a lot about it, consistency, flavor, temperature, the grains, everything. So is a really well coffee informed person.

And those kind of people really enjoy good coffee spots, today we are talking about some you can find in NYC, so if you love coffee and live near by some of this places you are really lucky, these places are amazing!

Latte Art

Located in FiDi, this tiny coffee shop offers a lot more than it looks like, you will find you ordering one of the best latte arts, in this place you could have and a lot more, you will be taking it to the next level, you can have it your coffee decorated with whatever you want, and also enjoy a lot of delicious treats on the way too, like Latin ones such amazing alfajors, this is the best cookie you will have in your life.

Coffee project new York

This place is well know for his deconstructed latte, so if you are a coffee connoisseurs you will love this place, here you have the opportunity to taste each part of the latte you just ordered, also you need to have in mind going to this place is going to take a lot, so you can go in a rush, that will help you to enjoy every single flavor that is involved into coffee making, also this place have an amazing signature coffee called the nitro coffee, which is basically coffee infused onto liquid nitrogen, which make sit into a creamy consistence.

Joe coffee

Fresh roasted beans, who doesn’t love that? And more if they are handcrafted and made just once you ordered your coffee, also you can have the option to include a delicious dough-nut plant onto the coffee, that will made it even more delicious and for sure you will want to came back a few more times to this place.

Happy bones

New Zealand have one of the best coffee making techniques all over the world, but maybe it could be a little pricey travel all the way there just to taste a good cup of coffee, however that can be easily solved thanks to this place, a really calm, easy going and minimalistic place to enjoy a good cup of coffee forgetting about the busy urban life, strong coffee for strong people is made here, this place could be a little small, so you are lucky if you are able to grab one of their tables.

Amazing places don’t you think? If you are a coffee lover for sure will be enjoying it and will have the best time of your life relaxing and enjoying a good cup of coffee on them, they are really worth it!

Gartner’s main key innovation patterns for 2018

Some of the Gartner’s main key innovation patterns for 2018, tie into the Intelligent Digital Mesh. The savvy advanced work is an establishment for future computerized business and biological systems,” said David Cearley, VP and Gartner Fellow. “IT pioneers must factor these innovation patterns into their advancement procedures or hazard losing ground to those that do.”

5 Current Tech Innovations in 2018 That Are Making Life Better include

1. AI Foundation

Making frameworks that learn, adjust and possibly act self-sufficiently will be a noteworthy battleground for innovation sellers through no less than 2020. The capacity to utilize AI to upgrade basic leadership, reevaluate plans of action and biological communities, and change the client experience will drive the result of computerized activities through 2025.

“AI strategies are developing quickly and associations should put essentially in abilities, procedures, and instruments to effectively abuse these methods and assemble AI-upgraded frameworks,” said Mr. Cearley. “Venture territories can incorporate information arrangement, coordination, calculation and preparing technique choice, and model creation. Numerous voting public including information researchers, designers, and business process proprietors should cooperate.”

2. Shrewd Apps and Analytics

Throughout the following couple of years, for all intents and purposes each application, application, and administration will fuse some level of AI. Some of these applications will be clear smart applications that couldn’t exist without AI and machine learning. Others will be inconspicuous clients of AI that give insight in the background. Shrewd applications make another savvy go-between layer amongst individuals and frameworks and can possibly change the idea of work and the structure of the work environment.

“Investigate wise applications as a method for increasing human activity and not just as a method for supplanting individuals,” said Mr. Cearley. “Expanded investigation is an especially key developing zone which utilizes machine figuring out how to mechanize information arrangement, knowledge disclosure and understanding sharing for a wide scope of business clients, operational specialists and national information researchers.”

AI has turned into the following significant battleground in an extensive variety of programming and administration markets, including parts of big business asset arranging (ERP). Bundled programming and specialist organizations should layout how they’ll be utilizing AI to include business esteem in new forms as cutting-edge investigation, keen procedures and propelled client encounters.

3. Shrewd Things

Shrewd things are physical things that go past the execution of unbending programming models to abuse AI to convey propelled practices and associate all the more normally with their environment and with individuals. AI is driving advances for new keen things, (for example, independent vehicles, robots, and rambles) and conveying upgraded capacity to many existing things, (for example, Internet of Things [IoT] associated buyer and modern frameworks).

“Presently, the utilization of independent vehicles in controlled settings (for instance, in cultivating and mining) is a quickly developing region of clever things. We are probably going to see cases of self-governing vehicles on constrained, very much characterized and controlled roadways by 2022, yet broad utilization of self-governing autos will probably require a man in the driver’s seat in the event that the innovation ought to suddenly fall flat,” said Mr. Cearley. “For in any event the following five years, we expect that semiautonomous situations requiring a driver will overwhelm. Amid this time, makers will test the innovation all the more thoroughly, and the nontechnology issues, for example, directions, lawful issues, and social acknowledgment will be tended to.”

4. Advanced Twin

An advanced twin alludes to the computerized portrayal of a genuine element or framework. Computerized twins with regards to IoT ventures is especially encouraging throughout the following three to five years and is driving the enthusiasm for advanced twins today. Very much planned advanced twins of benefits can possibly fundamentally enhance undertaking basic leadership. These advanced twins are connected to their true partners and are utilized to comprehend the condition of the thing or framework, react to changes, enhance operations and include esteem. Associations will execute advanced twins basically at to start with, at that point develop them after some time, enhancing their capacity to gather and imagine the correct information, apply the privilege examination and runs, and react viably to business targets.

“After some time, computerized portrayals of essentially every part of our reality will be associated powerfully with their true partner and with each other and injected with AI-based abilities to empower propelled recreation, operation, and investigation,” said Mr. Cearley. “City organizers, computerized advertisers, medicinal services experts and modern organizers will all profit by this long haul move to the incorporated advanced twin world.”

5. Cloud to the Edge

Edge registering depicts a figuring topology in which data handling, and substance accumulation and conveyance, are set nearer to the wellsprings of this data. Network and inactivity challenges, transfer speed imperatives and more noteworthy usefulness implanted at the edge favors circulated models. Ventures should start utilizing edge configuration designs in their foundation models — especially for those with critical IoT components.

While many view cloud and edge as contending approaches, the cloud is a style of processing where flexibly versatile innovation abilities are conveyed as an administration and do not characteristically command a unified model.

“At the point when utilized as reciprocal ideas, the cloud can be the style of figuring used to make an administration situated model and a concentrated control and coordination structure with the edge being utilized as a conveyance style considering detached or dispersed process execution of parts of the cloud benefit,” said Mr. Cearley.

3 Cool Gadgets Coming out in 2018

As technology advances every day, our lives become easier and our world becomes smaller. Along with the advancements come great innovations that change our lives in a big way. For the tech geeks, here are some fabulous technological gadgets you can expect in 2018.

1. Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung is all set to launch its Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Phone in 2018. It is rumored to be the most radical smart phone yet by Forbes. The phone has passed Bluetooth and radio certification. It combines technological advancement with the Iris recognition, OLED, a glass back, smart wired and wireless charging in one gadget.

Samsung Galaxy X is a foldable phone that can easily fold by half while not in use and it’s the first of its kind until now. It has an 18 MP main snapper and its rear and an 8 MP front-facing selfie shooter.

The display is 5.0 inches 1080*1920 pixels with a Quad Core Processor and a non removable Li-lon 4000 mAh battery. 6 GB RAM Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 MSM8998 processor paired with and 128 GB native storage capacity is also featured in this phone.
The launch is set before the S9 and the Apple IOs and as expected, we should see severe competition as a result of the built in features.

2. Android Wear 2.0 Watch

Android Wear 2.0 watch by Google is set to arrive on the Asus Zenwatch 3. It brings together Google Assistant, standalone apps, support for third party complications and welcome design tweaks so the user can customise the features for their own benefits.

The Google Assistant responding to ‘OK Google’ is included in the watch. It is also built to perform functions such as booking reservations, giving weather updates as well as working in conjunction with smart home devices that can be controlled hands free.

Addition of two interactive drawers has been made to the material design. The features include personalised watch faces, an on-watch version of the Google Play store and easy means of replying to messages.

The developers are working on music and fitness to be included in the watch. It can operate in English and German but other languages may be available soon. Notifications appear in small icons on the watch.
Addition of Complications in the Android Wear 2.0 is made and will always be on display from which you can get updates at a glance from your apps.

3. HTC Vive 2 VR Headset

A follow up to HTC’s existing headset, the HTC Vive2 VR headset also known as the ‘Oasis’ is about to be launched and even though the release date is not decided yet, it is speculated that the cost will be cheaper than the first one. New prototype controllers are believed to be part and parcel of the controllers in the Vive 2 and they feature a strap attaching the controllers to the wrist. You can let go off the grips and the controllers stimulate the effect of ‘dropping’ a virtual object

The controllers are said to have 21 censors. An audio strap was recently announced by HTC and this strap may add some headphones to the headset’s strap. HTC is assumed to have gone wireless with this headset. The Lighthouses are also rumored to be going through a redesign.

How has Apple Fared post Steve Jobs?

After the passing of the legend Mr. Steve Jobs, everyone thought that might be the end of the Apple Inc. But it is almost five years and the company still holds its glamour and fame. Here is a quick over view on how Apple is performing after the Steve Jobs.

There is no way of denial that Mr. Jobs has created a benchmark and took the company to an incredible height in the world. Without Jobs, the Apple couldn’t get the fame it has now. Here, at a glance, we’ll differentiate the diverse products launched under two leaders of Apple from two different eras, Mr. Jobs and Mr. Tim Cook.

The Jobs Era:

In the guidance of Mr. Jobs, the first computer with a mouse and graphical interface named ‘Mackintosh’ was launched. Before that, the launch of Apple II was also successful.

Then, the time was for iMac. iMac proved that the computer need not to be in a big box. Also, the world get introduced with revolutionary iPod, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, iPod and the all time best iPhone which is enough to dumbstruck the humanity with its year’s ahead of technologies. All of these came holding the hands of Steve Jobs.

Steve jobs always think years ahead of the time and thus, Apple was capable of making the devices and innovative electronics that the rest of the world can’t even imagine. From the releases mentioned above, Apple launched its first laptop when the world is yet to experience the PC properly. Likewise, Apple launched its first iPhone when most of the people are yet to hold a mobile phone in their hands. So, the concept, the innovation, the technology of light years ahead was surely the asset of the Mr. Job’s era. The Apple fans surely miss that.

But now it’s almost 5 years gone when Apple is running on its own way without the guidance of Mr. Jobs. Mr. Tim Cook is now the sailor of the ship called Apple Inc. Here is what we got under his reign.

Tim Cook Era:

This is the first time when Apple has gone for a bigger display for its iPhone with the changed mentality of the fans. iPhone 6 launched with a 4.7” display while iPhone 6 Plus has launched with even bigger, 5.5” display. The iPads have changed its size from smaller to bigger and smaller again with times. Apple also converted its MacBook Air into Macbook in the year 2015. The Macbook Pro models have become smarter, too.

Regarding the technological changes, Apple has incorporated some very innovative technologies in their devices in iPad, iPhone etc like USB type – C, force touch display on iPhone 6s and later, pressure sensitive touch pad on Macbook, Macbook Pro 2016 and later. Also, Apple TV, Apple Watch has been launched to larger the categories even further.

These extraordinary and modern innovations have taken Apple years ahead of its competitors. But, Steve Jobs had the skill to convince people with the new innovations Apple created. This is where Apple is lacking day by day at this time. This is assumed that Apple is in safe hand with Mr. Cook but he needs to think something new and inspiring ahead from the time to compete with the market and other competitors. This is where Mr. Jobs was an advantage for Apple. At this time, as per the rumors, Apple is going to bring back the legacy of Mr. Jobs for their iPhone 8 launch. Let’s hope, Apple will break all the records, again!

Four Cool Apps Only Available on iMac You Should Know About

I am a dyed in the wool Windows Seven user. However, it has been my experience that in many ways, Apple and its’ iMac user interface and the many apps that are available are superior to many Microsoft products. I am going to review some of the apps in this article for people that use iMac for their technology needs.

Monolingual: With this app, and because most computers and other devices have the ability to be multi-lingual and therefore hog space, this app will free up memory and speed up the computer because these languages will no longer be available. Monolingual is free from the app store and will automatically update itself. All you need do is download it and start removing languages that you won’t use.

When you have a project due and space is being wasted and squandered by useless programs, like a language bank, an app like Monolingual will clear up space and ultimately save time. The requirements of this app are an Intel based make and an operating system of Sierra only available from Apple.

Cinch: One of the most annoying aspects of Windows is not having the ability to split the screen, so if you are into doing more than one task at a time, Cinch is the way to acquire this ability. A pro version of this app is available from Vimeo for seven dollars. My ex-wife uses a Mac for her work because the graphics are superior to Windows and I know between the text and photos, this program speeds up her ability to complete the work and meet deadlines.

The requirements of this app are like Monolingual, an Intel based Mac and OS X 10.6.6.

Adium: Between my wife and me, we have three email addresses and I also use Skype for business. Unfortunately, there is no app for Windows that will combine all three email addresses and Skype. For iMac only, Adium is an app that combines email and chat interfaces so you could be conducting business with Skype and at the same time communicate with your friends and family. Adium is supported by the older versions of Mac OS 10.2 all the way up to OS 10.7.5. Please note that Adium will not work with Face Chat.

F.Lux: Because I am online all day working, my eyes tire easily and for iMac only they have addressed the issue of tired eyes. The really cool thing about this app is that once you have put in your zip code, the computers’ back ground lighting will adjust based on the time of day it is. The system requirements to use F.Lux are a sixty-four bit Intel processor and OS X version 10.7 or later.

With all of these apps, even though your system may have all the required software needed to run them, some of the apps may very well prove to have compatibility issues. Some of the newer apps can actually interfere with other apps you may have and are using. Some times the free apps are loaded with ads, so if the costs for an app without the ads are not prohibitive, I would recommend paying a little more for them.

What is the best way for a regular computer user to stop hackers?

In today’s world, the highest security risk is at your own home. The devices in your hand, your own computers are very much prone to unauthorized access by hackers. Your personal data, information, browsing history and passwords, each and everything is accessible if you do not work on your security.

Follow these tips to secure your computer from hackers.

1. Install Firewall

A firewall is a barrier between malicious software and your computer. It acts as a security guard and filters the information flowing on your network. If not built in, you may install it. If it is built in, simply enable it.

2. Update your Windows

Windows updates come with latest softwares to keep your system out of access of hackers. Outdated versions are more prone to malicious attacks. For extra security, enable your Microsoft updates as well so the Office Suite is also updated.

3. Use latest version of Web Browser

Web browser may contain bugs like all other softwares. Hackers capitalize a lot on bugging the browsers. Hence, you need to have the latest version of your browser. Browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla etc update themselves automatically. But make sure you restart your browser to enable the latest features to work.

4. Avoid Spam emails

Do not open any spam mails ever. They come with a lot of viruses. These are usually caught by the filters of your application. Such Emails appear to be coming from authentic websites and ask you to log in and give some personal details. If you clicked on any of them, your web browser must be able to detect them.

Not only emails, some unsolicited messages may appear on the screen containing some content or document to open.

5. Strong and complex passwords

Keep your passwords strong and complex like upper case, lower case, special characters and also add spaces to them. These become difficult to be cracked.

6. Use trusted websites

Never fall for ads containing free downloads, gifts and incentives unless you are sure. Clicking on such ads is in itself an invitation to hackers and viruses.

7. Install an anti virus software

Antivirus plays a major role in real time protection of your computer. Even if your system does not have any virus, antivirus software is a must. There is a wide range of such softwares available in the Market.

Where any mal content appears, you software will counter it. If it is unable to, it will give you alerts.

Run your anti virus scan every now and then.

8. Do not use open WiFi

Protect your wifi with encrypted passwords. With open networks, it becomes easier for attackers to steal your data. Consider changing your password every month and your equipment every few years.

For securing your system, do not connect to any other open public wifi.

9. Back up and storage of data on cloud

You may loose your data after a virus attack. Do not forget ever to take back up of your data. Nowadays it has become easier to store your data on cloud. You can have a ready back up of your data.