Unique Social Media and SEO Analytics Data Tools

New analytics tools can help you increase efficiency with social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Regardless of the products you sell and the market you serve, need the tools. Using the tools can help you expand your market and make more profits. Check out the following cool social media and SEO analytics data tools, as well as how you can use to help you stay ahead of the competition.

1. Alexa – Monitors traffic

Alexa enables you to track your global web traffic as well as those of your competitors. It is, therefore, a must-have tool since it converts information into competitive value thereby enabling your business to compete favorably with other companies in the market. With the Moz toolbar, you can easily see any other website’s Alexa ranking. The tool enables you to spy on the backlinks of other players in the market, keywords, traffic among many other aspects.

How to best utilize this tool: since comparing similar sites in your niche is useful, obtain data from noticeable competitors and sites rankings to get an overall picture of the situation in the market. Improve on your weak areas and learn from other successful actors in the industry

2. TwentyFeet – collects social stats

TwentyFeet is an Internet-based dashboard designed to gather social stats from Facebook, Twitter, bit.ly and YouTube, in one place. Whenever events are initiated, this handy tool pings you. It is, especially helpful for small businesses or when you do not want to spend a lot of money and would like to track common social media sites.

How to benefit from the tool: If any social media stat generates public interest, you have a chance to capitalize on the same. You can then figure out how to take advantage of the opportunity.

3. SE Ranking – tracks rankings

With SE ranking, you can monitor your other businesses’ search engine rankings on any specified region. It allows you up to 5 projects per site. Using this tool, you can generate detailed reports on your primary competitors, including information on their traffic forecasts, average positions, and website visibility. You can also collect data on the first page of your tracked question and organize them by prominence.

How to best utilize the tool: The tool provides brief data on prominent websites for your search query. So, if you want to track any aspect more, simply use “main competitors” tag to investigate about the aspect.

4. Organic Research – spy on competitor sites

Organic Search shows you the marketing strategies that work for your competitor’s websites and how to apply the same to your site. It allows you spy on competitor sites, and observe how other businesses in your industry rank organically, and identify their most effective keywords and hence enable come up with ways of optimizing your website

How to use the tool: Identify best-performing competitors. Spy on their websites (to obtain crucial information on the strategies that work for them) and use similar strategies to optimize own your site.

Use the above cool social media and SEO analytics data tools to take your business to the next level. Find out what strategies are derailing your efforts, and learn from your competitors. The tools will help you collect data quickly and use the same to improve your marketing campaigns.