What are the best premium coffee spots to frequent for avid coffee

We all become addicted to coffee over the years, and oh boy is one of the greatest
things over the world, we all know that coffee came in a lot of variety, flavor
and more even if you don’t really like it that much, you for sure will know
something about it.

However, they are some people that really love coffee, and those are the ones who become connoisseurs, and what exactly is a connoisseurs? Well, is simple words is someone who really enjoys coffee and know a lot about it, consistency, flavor, temperature, the grains, everything. So is a really well coffee informed person.

And those kind of people really enjoy good coffee spots, today we are talking about some you can find in NYC, so if you love coffee and live near by some of this places you are really lucky, these places are amazing!

Latte Art

Located in FiDi, this tiny coffee shop offers a lot more than it looks like, you will find you ordering one of the best latte arts, in this place you could have and a lot more, you will be taking it to the next level, you can have it your coffee decorated with whatever you want, and also enjoy a lot of delicious treats on the way too, like Latin ones such amazing alfajors, this is the best cookie you will have in your life.

Coffee project new York

This place is well know for his deconstructed latte, so if you are a coffee connoisseurs you will love this place, here you have the opportunity to taste each part of the latte you just ordered, also you need to have in mind going to this place is going to take a lot, so you can go in a rush, that will help you to enjoy every single flavor that is involved into coffee making, also this place have an amazing signature coffee called the nitro coffee, which is basically coffee infused onto liquid nitrogen, which make sit into a creamy consistence.

Joe coffee

Fresh roasted beans, who doesn’t love that? And more if they are handcrafted and made just once you ordered your coffee, also you can have the option to include a delicious dough-nut plant onto the coffee, that will made it even more delicious and for sure you will want to came back a few more times to this place.

Happy bones

New Zealand have one of the best coffee making techniques all over the world, but maybe it could be a little pricey travel all the way there just to taste a good cup of coffee, however that can be easily solved thanks to this place, a really calm, easy going and minimalistic place to enjoy a good cup of coffee forgetting about the busy urban life, strong coffee for strong people is made here, this place could be a little small, so you are lucky if you are able to grab one of their tables.

Amazing places don’t you think? If you are a coffee lover for sure will be enjoying it and will have the best time of your life relaxing and enjoying a good cup of coffee on them, they are really worth it!