Why is There So Much Stigma About SEO Compared to Other Marketing

Okay. Learning (and implementing SEO) isn’t a walk in the park. Even more depressing is the fact that SEO trends keep changing. In fact, tactics that worked two years ago may not give you results today. Still, for your business to thrive, you have to know a thing or two about the best SEO practices. Of course, you have to drive enough organic traffic to your website to make any meaningful gains with your marketing efforts.

But, why is optimizing sites and content so traumatizing for many businesses and brands? Well, here’s why:

It Isn’t a Magic Potion

Sure, SEO is an essential component of your marketing campaign, but if you think it’s the magic formula that’ll take your brand to the next level, you’ll be frustrated. The number one mistake that most new businesses make it is to invest heavily in SEO, only to get disappointed by the lack of results. The effect is that most don’t stick to their SEO campaign for the long haul.

The point is, there’s always the fear that you might spend a lot of time and money on SEO and fail to get the outcome you were hoping for. On the flip side, however, if you do it right, SEO is an invaluable marketing channel for your business.

Many Think “It’s Too Complicated”

Almost everyone who’s getting started with SEO thinks that it’s a technical process done by computer nerds or web developers. They feel that they don’t have what it takes to implement a successful SEO-based marketing campaign. On the contrary, however, virtually anyone can hack the elements of SEO.

If you’re a beginner, commit one or two hours every day to learn and implement SEO basics. Plus, you can always opt to hire a reputable SEO agency to help you with the technical aspects.

Google Penalties

If you’re learning the ropes of SEO, there’s every probability that Google can slap you with a penalty. Sure, there are many reasons you site can get penalized, but the risk is higher if you don’t know what you’re doing. Your safest bet is to read foolproof methods to rank on SERPS without “pissing off” Google. Again, it makes perfect sense to use an agency as long as they have a good reputation and experience.

Low Conversion Rate

Ranking your site is one thing but turning your visitors into REAL buyers is entirely different. The problem lies in poor keyword research or content that’s not persuasive enough to compel people visiting your site to take action. So, make sure that your keyword research is on point and most importantly create content that’ll give you the conversion you want.

As stated, SEO, done right, not only translates to better rankings but also better user experience. It might be a complicated process, but SEO leads have a higher close rate in comparison to outbound leads (and that’s good for business), Ensure that you consider an SEO Agency to help you get through this process. So, go out there, learn the best practices and implement them on your website. In other words, conquer SEO; don’t be stigmatized about it. And remember, it takes time to see results, being patient is a must!